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% of Proceeds to benefit the family of Coach Tony DiGiovanna
PRIZES & AWARD MONEY for the 1st three PLACES

When: Feb 18th Saturday 9 – 5pm                                    Who: Current 9th – 12th graders
Cost: $10 Per Player                                      Four Members per Team based on Wt. Class
     $20 at the Door closes 8:30am                                                                                                                   
Where: Will Power Sport & Wellness 20099 Ashbrooke Place, Ashburn

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1. Heavyweight 200 – Unlimited
2. Middleweight 160 - 200
3. Lightweight 135 – 160
4. Featherweight 100 – 135

Weigh-in occurs before competition begins. All contestants will be required to participate in the weigh-in. There must be a participant from each weight class on your team. Teams may consist of male or female members. Once the weigh-in is completed teams cannot change.

1. Bench Press (number of reps)
2. VERTICAL LEAP (2 attempts)
3. SHUTTLE RUN 10-5-10 (2 attempts)
4. 10 yd. Dash if cold/40 yd. dash if warm
5. Sand Bag Shuttle Relay

Team A weighs in as a team at 1000 lbs. & Combines to lift 10,000 lbs.
The four teammates lift 10,000 lbs. based on the sum of (the individual number of reps * the weight)
10,000 = 10 Points for team A in the Bench

For timed events 
                                                                                                For Distance events                                                         
Team A runs the 40 yds. Dash combined 20 secs.                                     Total number of inches jumped by the team
1,000 = 50 Point for team A in the 40 yd. dash                                              Team A combine to jump 100 inches avg.25 inches

Teams with the highest composite scores will be declared the winners. Individuals with times and scores will be declared winners at each division. In the event of a tie, the composite score will be tabulated to determine the individual winner. All participants agree to conduct themselves with sportsmanship at the highest level at all times. In the event misconduct occurs due to poor behavior demonstrated towards participants, officials, or employees. The individual or team will be disqualified from the competition with any fees paid forfeited. This design of the event is to have a great time while performing at the highest level.

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Loudoun Special Forces Track Club offers the following programs:

  • Spring Outdoor Track: March - June; training for all track distances, relays and some field events in preparation for Hershey competition, other local meets, USATF and AAU. The Spring program runs until the end of June. We continue with a Summer program, in part for the athletes who have qualified beyond the State level, and also for athletes who played travel sports in the Spring. 

  • Summer Outdoor Track: June - August; extending the Spring program to additional competition, and welcoming athletes who played other sports in the Spring. 

  • Winter Indoor Track: December - February; sprints and middle-distance training, and participation in local indoor meets. This  program ended in February.

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Follow the instructions to establish your login and password. Make sure you check with the coaches.


For all Outdoor Training sessions; dress in layers taking into account the forecast. Wear good cushioned shoes and bring water bottles.  

Click on the Locations menu on the left to find information on all the facilities we use. Clicking on the 'Yahoo!' icon will provide a map and driving directions to each location.

For personal or team-specific fitness training for soccer, football, or basketball please visit our sponsor Mercury Speed Unlimited.

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