PGC Indoor Meets

If you have not attended a meet at the Prince George's Sport and Learning Complex (PGC), the following may be useful. Information is also available on the meet entry form.

Getting there:
The PGC complex is very close to Redskins' Fedex Field. However, meets are not held when the Redskins are at home! Directions are on the website at:

Please leave approx one hour travel time (Estimated from Ashburn) and arrive about an hour before the estimated time of your event to have time to register and warm up.

May be in the Complex's own parking lot or, if there are other events taking place that morning, you may be directed to an adjacent lot requiring a short walk of a few hundred yards. The entrance to the indoor track is on the right of the large sports complex building. Turn right as you go in and register at the tables.

Entry and Registration
Meet information including entry form is available on our website in
Microsoft Word and PDF formats. You should print and bring this form with you to save time during registration. 

The entry fees for participants and spectators are described on the form. You register as an individual at the meet and do not need to give this form or payment to a coach. Registration opens at 7:30a.m. and is open throughout the morning.  If you are not in one of the early events you don't have to get there at 7:30a.m.

When to arrive
The meets may be very busy, with as many as 400 athletes. We suggest that our team meet and sit together in the spectator area approximately two-thirds of the way down the track. Look for the coaches and the Special Forces banner. (white with black writing).

Based on our experiences last year, we anticipate the following start times for events. The meet usually starts with 800m and 3000m walks at 8:30am.

55 meter dash (approx 8.45am for 10 and older, 8:30am for under 10)
55 meter hurdle (approx 9.15am)
1600 meter run (approx 10am)
400 meter run (approx 11.15am)
4 x 200 meter relay (approx 12.30pm)
800 meter run (approx 1pm)
200 meter run (approx 1.45pm)
3200 meter (approx 2:15pm)

Starting at 8.30 am:
Triple Jump
Long Jump
High Jump
Shot Put

The meet may run ahead of these times and you will be required to report to the 'marshalling area' at the far end of the track near the finish for your event about 10- 15 mins in advance of the start time. However, if there are large numbers of athletes, the meet may run slower than these guideline times.

Athletes race in two-year age groups, Under 8, 9-10, 11-12, 13-14, High School (Based on your age on December 31 2006). Depending on numbers, age groups may be combined, or athletes grouped with runners with similar previous times. Youngest athletes usually are first in the order.

What to wear
If you have Special Forces uniform wear that. If not any suitable track T-shirt/singlet (Under Armor type suggested) and shorts (Black if you have it) Track/ sweat pants and a sweat shirt or jacket. Regular training shoes. Bring track spikes if you have them.

Bring a water bottle, drinks and snacks. Food and drink are also on sale at the Complex.

For those who are new to indoor track this will be a learning experience for you and your athlete! At training we will take you through race preparation,  what to do, and when to do it. Coaches will also assist with warm ups and marshalling directions at the meet.

We will be pleased to advise you on which events to enter. Please ask a coach if you have any questions or concerns!

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