2010 News and Achievements

State Results- Congrats to Sean and Adrian with 8th place finishes in the Triple Jump and the 300 meters. Ahmed took a respectable 9th in his 1st year of running in the 1000.

Regional results - South Lakes & Force sprint/jump duo Adrian Vaughn and Sean Price dominate regionals! Vaughn wins 300m new PR 35.15 & 1.06 in the 500m.  Price a double winner in the LJ and TJ. Lead 4x400 to Gold. Bile moves forward with 2:36 in the 1000m. Congrats Abdi!

College Results - Vincent Brown shocked the favorites at SWAC championships with a fifth place as the only freshman competing in the 60 meters.  He was leading in the hurdles as well before tripping on the 2nd hurdle.  Way to Vincent!!!  You've got three more years!

Special Forces David McCarthy signs with The Air Force Academy for football to read all about it go to VivaLoudoun link click here


2009 News and Achievements

Special Forces Unlimited to appear on Comcast/CNN primetime


Special Forces Selected as Non-Profit of the Year Finalist


Smith Duo tear up XC Nation!!!




2008 News and Achievements

2007 News and Achievements

Steven Field brings back to medals in the U14 Indoor Championships.

In resounding fashion, Special Forces hurdler/sprinter/jumper, Steven Fields leaped and ran to Silver Medals at the PG Sports Complex U14 Championships held this March.

Winter Indoor Individual Logged Times


2005/2006 News and Achievements


P. G. Sports Complex meet December 17, 2006

Bradley, Taylor
Chinn, Jazmeen
Codde, Shelby
Deffer, Jacqueline
Dougherty, Cassidy
Fields, Shalaya
Fields, Steven
Frazier, Kyle
Frazier, Reid
Goldring, Rasheed
Jones, Molly
Jones, Winston
Kinnebrew, Sean
Longosky, Joshua
Longosky, Justin
Looney, Owen
Smagh, Will
Tompkins, Allison
Weeks, Christopher
Hassan, Abdisamad
Farmer, Corey 
Jackson, Anthony
Laiti, Marco
High School Males
High School Females





July 28, 2006 Coach Nick and Coach 'k'

Coach Savage and the Legendary Duke Basketball Coach "K", Mike Krzyzewski, take a break at a Leadership Luncheon held in Washington D.C. to chat on the direction of youth sports, training, recruiting, communicating with athletes and coaching. Picture here.

AAU, USATF and Hershey Virginia State Meets

Special Forces athletes attended three state championship meets in June. Congratulations to all athletes who competed and especially to the following state champions:

Matthew Newberry , James McCray,  Britt Savage, Anthony Cassine, Andrew Hayden, Melissa Saunders,  Nick McLaughlin (Double) ,Carl Silverlock.



4x100 Relay 11-12 Girls - Victoria Kasonde, Britt Savage, Nadja Ross, Bridget Rice.

4x100 Relay 11-12 Boys - James Schanck, Anthony Jackson, Andrew Hayden, Anthony Cassine. 

4x100 Relay 13-14 Boys- Joey Blanco, Michael Clarkson, Andre Best, Alexander Callahan.


AAU State Championships Hampton, VA - June 10-11, 2006

11 Hill, Nia                 93 Special Forces,Midd      14.11   NWI 
19 Silverlock, Carl          89 Special Forces,Sout      11.83   NWI 

29 Newberry, Matthew         98 Special Forces,Haym      37.90   NWI 
11 Fields, Shalaya           97 Special Forces,Ashb      37.37   NWI 
31 Jackson, Tatiyana         96 Special Forces,Ashb      40.11   NWI 
9 Savage, Britt              94 Special Forces           30.67   NWI 
10 Cassine, Anthony          94 Special Forces,Lees      29.44   NWI 
13 Jackson, Anthony          94 Special Forces,Ashb      30.22   NWI 
11 Fields, Steven            93 Special Forces,Ashb      27.69   NWI 
5 Best, Andre                92 Special Forces,Ashb       24.73   NWI 
*20 Callahan, Alexander      92 Special Forces,Lees       27.12  NWI 
24 Lewis, Zach               92 Special Forces,Ashb      29.26   NWI 
14 Silverlock, Carl          89 Special Forces,Sout      23.65   NWI 

8 Smagh, Will                98 Special Forces,Ashb    1:27.35 1:26.45q   
14 Newberry, Matthew         98 Special Forces,Haym    1:30.31  
8 LaFrankie, Nick           95 Special Forces,Ashb     1:12.90 1:11.31q   

3 Smagh, Will               98 Special Forces,Ashb    3:14.62 
5 Walker, Courtney          95 Special Forces,Lees    2:59.00 
5 LaFrankie, Nick           95 Special Forces,Ashb    2:43.31 
8 Scheren, Hannah           90 Special Forces,Love    2:34.49  
8 Yost, Jordan              91 Special Forces,Love    2:15.77  

5 Taylor, Lenah             96 Special Forces,Aldi    6:16.41  
2 LaFrankie, Nick           95 Special Forces,Ashb    5:38.02  
4 Krebs, Charlie Ann        94 Special Forces,Purc    5:58.66  
2 Hayden, Andrew            94 Special Forces,Ashb    5:02.91
5 Panzica, Matt             94 Special Forces,Ashb    5:15.67  
9 Newberry, Mark            94 Special Forces,Haym    5:29.39
6 Sheehan, Casey            93 Special Forces,Lees    5:52.13  
2 Walker, Benjamin          93 Special Forces,Purc    5:08.78
3 Saunders, Melissa         92 Special Forces,Poto    5:22.00  
7 Stegmeier, Kurt           92 Special Forces,Sout    5:00.88  
4 Scheren, Hannah           90 Special Forces,Love    5:20.63  
2 Hassan, Abdisamad         91 Special Forces,Lees    4:21.80  
7 Yost, Jordan              91 Special Forces,Love    4:49.03  
10 Klug, Josh               91 Special Forces,Lees    5:09.00  

2 Newberry, Mark            94 Special Forces,Haym   11:52.22 

8 Silverlock, Carl          89 Special Forces,Sout      15.57q  NWI 

Junior Olympic Qualifiers in Bold
* Injured


6 Karen, Lenah, Shalaya, Tatiyana     Bantam Girls    1:10.56  
6 Jamon, Anthony J, Logan, Anthony C  Midget Boys     57.74
4 Steven, Joey, Andre, Alexander      Youth           52.06 

4 Lenah, Karen, Tatiyana, Shalaya     Bantam Girls    6:03.52 
3 Jamon, Anthony J, Logan, Anthony C  Midget Boys     4:47.34
5 Andre, Steven, Joey, Kurt           Youth Boys       4:13.90

2 Matt, Mark, Logan, Andrew           Midget Boys     11:08.37 

Long Jump
3 Hill, Nia                 93 Special Forces,Midd      4.37m  14-04.00 
4 Fields, Steven            93 Special Forces,Ashb      4.55m  14-11.25
9 Lewis, Zach               92 Special Forces,Ashb      4.35m  14-03.25 

Shot Put
6 Hill, Nia                 93 Special Forces,Midd      6.55m  21-06.00 


USATF Virginia Association June 17/18 2006
First five or six (depending upon which information supplied by USATF is correct) places qualify for regional meet.

Matthew Newberry Primary 1500M 1st 6:20.87
Nick McLaughlin Young Men 800M 1st 2:00.89, 1500M 1st 4:16.41
Carl Silverlock Young Men High Jump Joint 1st 1.83M, 100M 10th11.82, 110H, Missing Result 4th or 5th? 200M DNR in final. Still awaiting official heat time.  

2nd/3rd Places
James McCray Bantam 200M 4th 30.42, Long Jump 3rd 3.74M
Mark Newberry Midget 1500M, 8th 5.34.38, 3000M 2nd  Need Correct time? 
John McCray Youth High Jump  4th 1.37M  200M 7th  28.16 ( Ht 27.61)
Hannah Scheren Intermediate 800M, Missing result, 1500M  3rd 5:24.01 

Other Placings     
Ben Walker Youth 1500M 6th 5:06.83, 3000M 7th 11:50.8
Logan Smith Midget 800M 8th 2:45.02
Perry Daniels Youth 100M 15th 15.25, 400M 18th 1:15.17

Hershey States June 24 2006

200m 9-10 Boys 1st James McCray  30.24
200m 11-12 Girls 1st Britt Savage 28.8
800m 11-12 Boys 1st Andrew Hayden 2:30.64
800m 13-14 Girls 1st Melissa Saunders 2:32.47
11-12 Standing Long Jump 1st Anthony Cassine 7'6 1/4"         

4x100 Relay 11-12 Girls - Victoria Kasonde, Britt Savage, Nadja Ross, Bridget Rice.59?
4x100 Relay 11-12 Boys - James Schanck, Anthony Jackson, Andrew Hayden, Anthony Cassine 56.0
4x100 Relay 13-14 Boys- Joey Blanco, Michael Clarkson, Andre Best, Alexander Callahan, 50.76

2nd/ 3rd  places
100m 13-14 Boys 2nd Alexander Callahan      
200m 11-12 Boys 3rd James Schank 29.51      
200m 13-14 Boys 2nd Andre Best 25.0
800m 11-12 Boys 3rd Matt Panzica 2:42
800m 13-14 Boys 2nd Michael Clarkson 2:24
800m 13-14 Boys 3rd Kurt Stegmeier 2:27
9-10 Boys Relay - Greg Howell, Drew Hunter, Darius Degree, James McCray 3rd 1:04.41

4th/5th places
100m 11-12 4th Anthony Jackson 13.79
100m 13-14 Girls 4th Paige Sanchez
1600m 13-14 Boys 4th Ben Walker 5:31        
Standing Long Jump 13-14 5th Steven Fields 7'11"

HersheyJune 10 & 11 AAU State Championships Hampton VA
A very tough and competitive AAU State championships was held in Hampton VA over the weekend of June 10 & 11. Those placing in the top six qualify for the National Junior Olympics to be held in Newport News at the beginning of August. Many athletes traveled to the meet straight from the Hershey District meet! A number of athletes achieved club records and medals. Congratulations to everyone who attended! Complete results are here.

June 10 Hershey District Meet Falls Church VA
Congratulations to everyone for their efforts at the Hershey Northern Virginia District Meet at Falls Church on Saturday. Many athletes finished in the top two in their event and so qualified for the Hershey State meet at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville on Saturday June 24.  Results are available in PDF here.

May 28, 2006 - PVTC All-Comers Meet Langley HS McLean VA
A large number of athletes attended the PVTC meet at Langley on Sunday May 28. A brief description of the meet is here. 

More information at http://www.pvtc.org/outdoor.html

Results are available here:

May 13-14, 2006 - Glenarden and PVTC Meets
Congratulations to Andre Best,  Alexander Callahan, Jamon Cofield, Shalaya Fields, Steven Fields, Perry Daniels,  Rachel Frank, Jovanni Gaillard, Savannah Gaillard, Vania Hunter, Anthony Jackson, Tatiyana  Jackson, Mikayla Johnson, Charley Krebs, Julia Lannes, David McCarthy, Matthew  Newberry, Jessica O'Neil, Melissa Saunders, Britt Savage, Shane Savage,  James Schanck, Carl Silverlock,  Will Smagh,  Logan Smith, and Christopher Weeks for their performances at The Glenarden Invitational Meet on Saturday May 13. We have some results, but as Glenarden does not post them, please email your results and placing to us so that they can be published.

May 14, 2006 - PVTC All-Comers Meet Langley HS McLean VA
Congratulations to the following athletes for their performances at the PVTC All-Comers Meet on Sunday at Langley HS, Mclean VA.

100 Meter Dash
Greg Howell BB   17.8h
200 Meter Dash Greg Howell BB   37.4h     Zach Lewis YTH   29.4
400 Meter Dash Greg Howell BB   1:20.6h  Andrew Hayden M  1:09.0
800 Meter Run Matt Panzica M    2:48.0
1 Mile Run Matt Panzica M   5:54.80             Nick LaFrankie M    6:18.20 (P.R.)
High Jump Zach Lewis Y    4-00.00  1.22m 
Long Jump Greg Howell       7-04.00  2.23m Zach Lewis Y    12-10.00 3.91m

May 7, 2006 - Hershey Local Meet
The Hershey Loudoun meet was held on Sunday May 7, 2006 at 2:00 p.m. at our home track Heritage High School in Leesburg. Results are now available.  
Only the first and second finishers in each event will advance to the district meet. The district meet will be held this year in Fairfax County. The meet will be held at Falls Church High School, (Fairfax, VA) on June 10th. The state meet will be held on June 24th in Charlottesville at the University of Virginia.

May 6, 2007 - Randallstown Invitational

We are only recommending this meet to those athletes in the Intermediate and Young Men and Women Age Group (Born 1991 or before) and experienced Sub Bantam's. (Born 1998 and after).
Details:  Saturday, May 6.  Meet starts 9:00am Entry fee $5 per athlete.
Location:  Randallstown High School, Randallstown , MD 21133.
Further details and registration forms please click here (PDF).

All Intermediate and Young Men and Women and interested Sub Bantams please meet with Coach Earl after training Tuesday or Thursday day for more details.

April 23, 2006 - First Meet of the season at Chantilly High School.
Congratulations to everyone who participated in the Chantilly Meet. We hope that everyone was able to enjoy a superbly run meet by a wonderful group of people. We were very proud of the effort put forth by everyone. Thank you to all the parents for making it possible for your child to participate. Our special thanks goes to those of you who helped out with the organization of our own athletes and those who assisted with the meet in general. If you left anything behind at the meet please contact me as Coach Julie picked up several items at the end. Results for Loudoun Special Forces athletes are available in MS Word and PDF. The place each athlete achieved in the event is shown to the left of their name. If you finished in the top six in your event, we have a ribbon for you.

April 3, 2006 - Important Announcements
For the month of April and the first half of May training on Tuesday and Thursday evenings will be at Harper Park Middle School, 701 Potomac Station Dr. Leesburg, Virginia 20176 . A map can be found at http://www.sftrack.org/locations.htm As a rough guide the school is located on Potomac Station Drive, just off Route 7, between Ashburn and Leesburg.

From Ashburn, if traffic is heavy on Route 7, it can be accessed by taking the new Lansdowne back road and by driving straight across Belmont Ridge Rd etc. From Leesburg, it can also be accessed by driving past the Outlet Mall and new Giant shopping plaza. The school is right next to the plaza, behind the Giant etc. Perfect for after practices parties!!!!!!

Now that we have Spring Time, evening practices will run to approximately 8:00pm.

April 2, 2006 - Results of Spring time trials
Congratulations on your performances today!  These results are very helpful to give the athletes and coaches an indication of what type of athlete they are (sprinter, distance, in between, both etc) and how they are progressing. Results are in the Library section.

March 26, 2006 - Coach Allen achieves World's 4th best distance this year in Triple Jump
With his jump of  17.02m this weekend in the triple jump, Loudoun Special Forces coach Allen Simms is now ranked fourth in the World this year. Here is a picture of Allen in action.

March 26, 2006 - Coach Julie places second in Masters National Indoor Championships
Running in the National Masters Indoor Championships in Boston, MA, Coach Julie Hayden placed second in the Women's 45 & older 800m and fourth in the 400m.

March 21, 2006 - Practice indoor Tuesday because of forecast cold weather
Training will be held indoors at the National Conference Center in Lansdowne on Tuesday March 21 because of the forecast cold weather. Ages 12 & under from 5.30 - 6.15pm. Ages 13 & over from 6.15 - 7pm.

The National Conference Center (NCC) is reached from Route 7 between Leesburg and Ashburn by heading north at the light on Belmont Ridge Rd (right turn onto Belmont Ridge Rd if coming from Rt 7 East, left turn if coming from Rt West Leesburg). A map is also available at Locations

Continue straight until reaching the entrance. Tell security at the entrance gate that you are with Special Forces Track Club. He will give you a temporary parking pass and direct you to follow the road left for one mile passing the conference center until you reach the sports/fitness center on your left. You will see cars parked on the right hand side of the road.

March 19, 2006 - First practices of the Spring Outdoor Track Season
The first practice of our Spring Outdoor Program will be held at Heritage HS, Leesburg on March 19 from 4-6 pm. Directions to Heritage HS are here

On Tuesday March 21 and Thursday March 23 we will practice at Cool Springs ES from 6-7pm.

March 12, 2006 - Orientation Meeting for Spring Program
An orientation meeting for our Spring Track Program will be held at the Leesburg Armory on Sunday March 12. Members who are new to the Spring program from 4-5pm, returning members from 5-6pm. Registration details and information on this program is available here.

Friday, March 3, 2006 Coach Hayden enjoys first trip to New York City for the USATF Metropolitan Open and Masters Championship.
Running at the famous New York Armory, Loudoun Special Forces Coach Julie Hayden, finished first in her division in both the 400M and 800M. Hayden was representing Athena Track Club, a newly formed nationwide club for elite master women runners. On March 25 and 26th the coach will run with Athena in the USATF National Masters Indoor Championships in Boston.

Saturday, March 4, 2006- U14s fair well at Potomac Valley National Age- Group Invitational, Landover MD
Rounding off a great indoor season, seven athletes from Loudoun Special Forces Under 14 team turned in fine performances at the Potomac Valley 14 and Under National Age- Group Invitational in Landover MD.

Competing in the Sub- Bantam division in the 400m and 800m Matthew Newberry ran competitively, finishing fourth 1:27.3 and second 3.29.37. Karim Northover performed well in the 400m and placed 5th in the 800m 3.29.4. In the Bantam Boys age group, Jahlil Northover again ran two personal best times finishing 2nd in a very competitive 1600m in 6:07 and 7th in the 800m in 2:52.4. Megan Young continues to improve in the Midget Girls section running strongly in the 400m and achieving a new personal record of 3:03 in the 800m for 7th place. Andrew Hayden and Mark Newberry represented the Forces in the Midget Boys 1600m. Against a strong field they finished 5th and 7th respectively. Mark was also 7th in the 800m. Youth Girl, Melissa Saunders has been improving with every race. She capped off an impressive indoor season with two new personal records with 2:46.2 in the 800m and 5:53.8 for fourth place in the 1600m. Mathew & Mark Newberry, and Andrew Hayden are shown
here and here.

March 1, 2006 - Coach Allen to compete in the 2006 World Indoor Championships!
Loudoun Special Forces Coach Allen Simms has qualified to compete in the 11th World Indoor Track and Field Championships being held in Moscow, Russia on March 10-12, 2006. Allen will compete in the Triple Jump, an event in which he was USA Indoor Champion in 2004. More information on the World Indoor Championships is at http://www.moscow2006.ru/eng/. This event will be televised on OLN on Sunday March 13 from 3:00-5:00 p.m

February 26, 2006 - Special Forces Athletes shine at AAU Southern Indoor Championships, Knoxville TN.
Jahil Northover and Mark Newbury made the long trip to the University of Tennessee in Knoxville, TN for the AAU Southern Indoor Track Championships. Jahil medalled in the Bantam Boys 800m and 1500m, setting a new personal best of 5:38 at the longer distance. Mark competed in the Midget Boys 800m and 3000m placing 12th and 9th respectively.

February 26, 2006 - Last PGC All-comers meet of the season February 26, 2006
New club records and personal bests were set at the final PGC All-comers meet of the season, with Katelyn Jensen setting four club bests for Bantam Girls in the 55m Dash, Shot Put, High Jump and Long Jump! Melissa Saunders set a new 400m record for Youth Girls, while Jazlyn Finney broke her own record in the 55m Dash for Intermediate Girls. Matt Panzica and Kurt Stegmeier also set personal bests in the 1600m and 800m respectively. Abdisamad Hassan, returning to the blazing speed he showed at the national level last summer, ran well to achieve 4:48 in the Intermediate Boys 1600m.

February 1, 2006 - Registration for the Spring 2006 program
Registration details and information on this program is now available.

January 29, 2006 - PGC Indoor Meet & Focus for rest of Winter season
Coach Julie writes: "On behalf of all the coaches of Loudoun Special Forces Track Club I would like to congratulate all 29 registered athletes and our guest runners for their outstanding results at yesterday's Sportsplex Showcase track meet. Every individual and relay performance contributed to a wonderful team effort. A big thank you to all the parents for giving up your day to encourage and support your child (children) and all the Loudoun Special Forces Track Club members at the longest Sportsplex Meet that we have known. Those 400M just went on forever!

"We would like to step things up a little now so that the athletes can peak for the final indoor meets in late February/ early March. On days when the weather is good, encourage your child to do an easy 20-30 minute jog/ light run if it is safe to do so. All athletes should start doing the active stretching exercises we always do before training and racing and the strength exercises. Ideally, the feet strengthening exercises should be done without shoes. Similarly the post exercise stretches should also be done. No hard training/ efforts on Saturdays prior to training/ racing unless they are participating in another sport on that day. The emphasis of our Sunday training will transition from building an endurance base, and working on pacing, to "quality" work for faster running. Thursdays will remain form, strength, and injury prevention work." Partial results are available here.

January 15, 2006 - PGC Indoor Meet Results
Partial results of this meet are available here.

December 30, 2005 - Mountain Express Indoor Meet Results
Partial results of this meet are available here.

December 27, 2005 - Additional training session at NCC
As we will not have training on December 25 or January 1, we will hold an additional practice indoors at the National Conference Center in Landsdowne on Tuesday December 27 from 5.30-7pm.

The National Conference Center (NCC) is reached from Route 7 between Leesburg and Ashburn by heading north at the light on Belmont Ridge Rd (right turn onto Belmont Ridge Rd if coming from Rt 7 East, left turn if coming from Rt West Leesburg). A map is also available at Locations

Continue straight until reaching the entrance. Tell security at the entrance gate that you are with Special Forces Track Club. He will give you a temporary parking pass and direct you to follow the road left for one mile passing the conference center until you reach the sports/fitness center on your left. You will see cars parked on the right hand side of the road.

December 12, 2005 - Loudoun Special Forces Track Club Start Winter with a Bang!
Special Forces Track Club returned in stride this Sunday to begin the winter indoor track season at the Prince Georges County Sports Complex located next to Fedex Field.

At the youth divisions, The Force was well-represented as newcomers Katelyn Jensen, Jacob Contreras, Alexis Jensen, Morgan Price, Melissa Saunders, and Allison Tompkins performed exceptionally well in the jumps, sprints and distance events.

Not to be forgotten, the veteran crew of Will Smagh, Shalaya Fields, Matt Panzica, Andrew Hayden, Kurt Stegmeier and Abdisamad Hassan, led the charge on the track with four runners recording under 3 minutes in the 800 meters and top finishes in the sprints and mile.  Fields also set new Forces records in the girls 200 meter and 400 meter runs for ages 8 and under.

In the high school division, The Force stayed in stride dominating the track in the hurdles, sprints and distance races.  Led by returning Loudoun area standouts:  Abdiwahab Hassan, Dale Taylor, William Bray, Les Bradley, Kenice Brown and Carl Silverlock, the Force started the season with a bang winning the 55m, 1600, 800, 200, 55 Hurdles and the 4x200 relay. 

Others placing in the jumps, sprints, relays and distance events were: Bernard Innocent, Jake Leahy, Ryan McPoland, Jazlyn Finney, Shelby Codde, Katie Cross, Steven Jackson, Antonio Cross, Shane Savage, Arianne Kerestesy, Steve Lassiter, Christine Black, Danielle Launi, and Mike Kitchen. The senior division was not to be left behind as returning USATF champ, Julie Hayden, and area champion, Tony Markley outpaced competitors in the middle distance, jumps and sprint events.

Information on First PGC Indoor Meet December 11
We will be attending the first Indoor All Comers Meet of the season at Prince George's Sport and Learning Complex (PGC) in Landover, MD this Sunday December 11. The meet entry form has most of the information but a useful overview is provided here.

Winter Indoor Track Training at Leesburg Armory
Our regular season indoor training sessions began on Thursday December 1 at the Leesburg Armory. (U13 from 6 - 7pm, with 13 and over from 7 - 8:30pm). Directions to Leesburg Armory are available at Locations.

Practice moved indoor to NCC Sunday December 4
Due to the cold and windy weather forecast for Sunday afternoon December 4, we will move our practice indoors to the National Conference Center in Landsdowne. U13 from 3 - 4 pm, 13 and older from 4 - 5.30 pm.

The National Conference Center (NCC) is reached from Route 7 between Leesburg and Ashburn by heading north at the light on Belmont Ridge Rd (right turn onto Belmont Ridge Rd if coming from Rt 7 East, left turn if coming from Rt West Leesburg). A map is also available at Locations

Continue straight until reaching the entrance. Tell security at the entrance gate that you are with Special Forces Track Club. He will give you a temporary parking pass and direct you to follow the road left for one mile passing the conference center until you reach the sports/fitness center on your left. You will see cars parked on the right hand side of the road.

December 3, 2005 - Guidance on hydration and nutrition
Coach Julie has put together a brief guideline to help ensure you are properly fed and hydrated before training here.

November 25, 2005 - Milers shine in Reston Race for the Kids
On a very cold Friday morning following Thanksgiving with temperatures in the 20s, four Loudoun Special Forces milers competed in the Race for the Kids held on the streets of Reston Town Center. In the 10-11 age group, twins Tori (photo) and Matt Panzica (photo) ran well, both placing third. In the same race, Andrew Hayden (photo) raced hard from the start and maintained his lead to win in 5:42 on the hilly course. In the 12-13 age-group Kurt Stegmeier (photo) ran consistently to finish third. Congratulations on your efforts in tough conditions. A collections of photos is available in the Gallery.

November 17, 2005 - Pre-season Winter Track Training Session
Athletes signing up for the Loudoun Special Forces Track Club Winter Training Program are invited to free pre-season training from 3:00 - 4:15 pm on Sunday November 20 and 27, at Ida Lee Park, Leesburg. We will meet at the small pavilion in the field on your right as you approach Ida Lee. Parking is available at the Recreation Center and Library.

The session will consist of warm up and stretching, endurance training activities, cool down and stretching. It is highly recommended for those athletes not currently involved in other sports as we can jump start your preparations for the season. Come prepared for the weather and dress in layers. Bring a water bottle. Restrooms are available, but are some distance from the pavilion.

We look forward to seeing those who would like to attend on Sunday

October 29, 2005 - Winter Indoor Track Program
Information on the program and the Registration Form are now available.

October 28, 2005 - Local High School Cross Country Championships
Congratulations to our High School Athletes for their performances in their local Cross Championship meets.

2005 Dulles District Championships - 10/27/2005 Great Meadows
Boys 5k Run CC
1 McLaughlin, Nick  JR Heritage High Sc 16:25.53
4 Kroupa, Dominick JR Heritage High Sc 16:41.04
36 Leahy, Justin SO Broad Run High S 18:42.05
Girls 5k Run CC
10 Codde, Shelby JR Loudoun County H  20:50.91
11 Scharf, Ashley SR Broad Run High S 20:51.30
22 Poisson, Kate FR Potomac Falls Hi 21:34.47
2005 Northwestern District Championship - 10/27/2005 Great Meadows
Boys 5k Run CC
9 Vance, Robert  SO Millbrook High S 16:34.60
12 Lassiter, Stephen SO Millbrook High S 16:46.03
Girls 5k Run CC
28 Smith, Carolyn SO Millbrook High S  21:13.28
2005 National District Championship - 10/26/2005 Burke Lake Park
Girls 2.98 Mile Run CC
17 Scheren, Hannah  FR Lvhs Vikings 20:45


October 19, 2005 - Special Forces Track Present at Beginning of Heritage High School Game
Loudoun Special Forces Track Club presented our "Thank You for Your Support" plaques to the National Guard Armory and Heritage High School Athletic Director, Ron Petrella at the beginning of the game before the National Anthem on Friday, October 21.

We presented plaques to the National Guard Armory for the support of letting us use their facility, Guard Rep and volunteer coach Sgt. Frank Cross for assisting us in receiving a Bronze Star three weeks ago, and Ron Petrella for providing the Heritage facilities to our track club for the last four years.

October 2, 2005 - Army Ten Miler Pentagon Washington DC
Loudoun Special Forces volunteered again at the Army Ten Miler - the largest ten-mile race in the world with entries limited to 20,000 runners. In addition to supporting the elite athletes and media tent, Special Forces volunteers helped distribute commemorative finishers medals. Thanks to the Panzica and Hayden families, Coach Nick Savage, Coach Earl Cornish, Stephanie & Karissa Love, Kenice Brown, Michael Clarkson, Jodie & Carl Silverlock, and Ray & Hannah Scheren for helping out. Congratulations also to Team Moms, Renee Love and Carla Anderson for completing the race. Photos are here in the Gallery.

September 13, 2005 - Note on Coach Julie at USATF Championships in Hawaii
Loudoun Times Mirror ran a small piece on Coach Julie's fantastic performances at the USATF National Masters Championship in Hawaii last month.

September 11, 2005 - Congratulations to our new high-school cross country runners
Our middle-distance athletes are leading the way on their high-school varsity and junior varsity cross-country teams, even though many are freshmen or sophomores. Congratulations to Laura Ortel, Kate Poisson, Hannah Scheren, Carolyn Smith, Dominick Kroupa, Steve Lassiter, Jake Leahy, Nick McLaughlin, Ryan McPoland and Bobby Vance on their efforts and please keep us updated!

September 10, 2005 - Americas 9/11 Foundation 5k Walk, Leesburg
Loudoun Special Forces Track Club participated as volunteers in the America's 9/11 Foundation 5K Walk on Saturday September 10, 2005, manning a water station. Thank you to those who were able to help this cause.

September 8, 2005 - Nick McLaughlin featured in Loudoun Times Mirror 
Link here

August 18, 2005 - Special Forces featured in Loudoun Times Mirror
Special Forces were profiled in the Loudoun Times-Mirror this week.

August 13, 2005 - Volunteer for the Army Ten Miler!
Each October the Pentagon hosts the largest ten-mile race in the world, with 20,000 entries. Proceeds from the event go to solider morale, welfare and recreation programs. Last year Special Forces Track Club became an Army Ten Miler volunteer organization. Such was the success of our involvement, that we are delighted to have the opportunity to help again at this year's race on the morning of Sunday October 2. 

July 23 and August 6, 2005 - PVTC All-comers meets
Congratulations to Special Forces athletes Josh Klug, James & John McCray, Tori & Matt Panzica, Logan Smith and Kurt Stegmeier for their efforts at the recent Potomac Valley Track Club All-Comers meets held at Langley High School. With the completion of other track meets earlier in the summer, these events provided excellent competition. Results are at http://www.pvtc.org/results.html.

August 8, 2005 - Summer Outdoor Track Program
Our Summer Program is now complete. Congratulations to all our athletes for their performances at the national level in the recent USATF Junior Olympics in Indianapolis, Hershey Finals and the State Games of America.

August 6, 2005 - Hershey North American final meet, Hershey PA
Two Special Forces athletes were selected to represent the South East Region at the Hershey North American Finals. Abdisamad Hassan set a new club record and personal best in the 13-14 Boys 1600m to place second, while Ben Walker placed ninth in the 11-12 Boys 800m.

July 28-31, 2005 - USATF National Junior Olympics, Indianapolis, IN
Abdisamad Hassan and Nick McLaughlin qualified for this prestigious event to compete with the very best in the nation. Abdisamad achieved  a new personal best and club record placing fifth in the nation in the 13-14 Boys 1500m, while Nick placed 17th overall in the 15-16 Boys 1500m.

July 29-31, 2005 - State Games Of America, Colorado Springs, CO
Carl Silverlock, Alexander Callahan, Ryan McPoland and Andrew Hayden represented Special Forces and Virginia at the State Games of America held at the US Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, CO winning a total of one gold, two silvers, and five bronze medals. Coach Julie Hayden also participated winning gold medals in the 400m, 800m and 1500m in her age group.

Saturday July 23, 2005 - Metro Striders Meet, Washington DC
Led by the stellar performances of sprinters Nia Hill, Shalaya Fields and Steven Fields on the track and in the field, Special Forces Track did admirably this weekend in Washington D.C. at the MetroStrider Invitational. Hill blazed to double wins in the Girls 11-12 year old, 100 meter and 200 meters while Fields brought back bronze in the same for 11-12 Boys bracket.  Fields and Hill also took gold in the high jump competition respectively.  Shalaya Fields joined her brother taking a gold in the 200 meters and a Silver in the 100 meters for the 7-8 year old division.   Monique Lassiter also performed well taking a bronze in the 100 and 800 competition in the 13-14 year old division.

Sunday July 10, 2005 - USATF Regional Championships, Greensboro NC
A number of athletes made the long journey to the USATF Regional Championships, Greensboro NC on Saturday and Sunday July 9 & 10 and were rewarded with personal bests, Special Forces club records and places at the National Junior Olympics. On Saturday Logan Smith ran a personal best and new club record in the Bantam Boys 400m. In the 1500m on Sunday morning Abdisamad Hassan (Youth Boys), Hannah Scheren (Intermediate Girls) and Nick McLaughlin (Intermediate Boys) all achieved new personal bests and club records. Abdisamad and Nick also qualified for the National Junior Olympics in Indianapolis. On Sunday the quartet of Abdiwahab Hassan, Jake Leahy, Steven Lassiter and Nick McLaughlin also competed in the 4x800m Intermediate Boys Relay and ran strongly to set a new club record in a time of 8:49.0 for the two-mile distance.

Saturday July 9, 2005 - PVTC meet at Langley
A handful of Special Forces athletes participated in the local PVTC all-comers meet at Langley. Andrew Hayden set a new personal best and club record for the Midget Boys in the 3000m, completing the seven and half laps in 11:46.1.

Saturday June 25 - Hershey State Championships, UVA, Charlottesville
Special Forces athletes shone at the Hershey state championships held at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville on Saturday June 25. Abdisamad Hassan got the team off to the perfect start with a victory in the 13-14 Boys 1600m in a personal best and club record of 5:03.15. In the next event, the 11-12 Boys 800m, Ben Walker also achieved a personal best and first place in 2:28.23, while teammate Andrew Hayden placed second in 2:35.41, also a personal best. Logan Smith (1st 1:11.27) and Zach Kerns (2nd 1:11.30) also achieved a Special Forces one-two in the 9-10 Boys 400m. Success continued for Special Forces with another first place for Abdisamad Hassan in the 13-14 Boys 800m in 2:15.64, followed by Meghan Sullivan achieving first place in the 13-14 girls 200m (27.03 secs) and second place in the 100m (13.04 secs). Ben Walker also won the 400m (1:04.46) with Andrew Hayden finishing fifth (1:09.08).  Nia Hill (4th 7-01.75), James McCray (3rd 9-10 Boys 6:02.75) & John McCray (6th 11-12 Boys 6:09.50) also competed in the standing long jump.

To end the meet, it was the turn of the 4x100m relay teams to shine with the 13-14 Boys placing first in 50.87 while the 11-12 Girls (2nd 1:00.95), 11-12 Boys (3rd 58.36), 13-14 Girls (3rd 58.01)and 9-10 Boys (2nd 1:03.44) all ran strongly to claim second or third place.

Saturday June 18 and Sunday June 19 -  USATF Potomac Valley Championship, Columbia MD
Congratulations on the many great performances by Special Forces Athletes competing against some of the best youth athletes in the nation at the Potomac Valley Championships on Saturday and Sunday June 18 and 19 in Columbia, MD. These athletes earned the right to participate in this meet from the competition at Langley on June 5.

The following athletes placed in the top eight in their events. Those placing in the top five qualified for the Regional Championships in Greensboro, NC on July 7-10:

1st Youth boys 1500M Abdisamad Hassan 4:33.8 Personal best and new club record
3rd  Midget Boys 1500M Ben Walker 5:11.97. Personal best and new club record
4th  Midget Boys 1500M Andrew Hayden 5:14.34. Personal Best.
4th Bantam Boys 400M Logan Smith 1:09.7. Personal best and new club record.
5th Youth Boys HJ Alexander Callahan 1.50M
6th Intermediate Girls 1500M Hannah Scheren 5:36
6th Intermediate Boys 3000M Steven Lassiter 10.59.6
7th Youth Girls LJ Meghan Sullivan (not posted)
8th Youth Girls 100M Meghan Sullivan (12.95 in heat)

4th Intermediate Boys 4x800M Steven Lassiter, Abdiwahab Hassan, Jake Leahy, Nicholas McLaughlin 8:54. New club record.
4th Youth Boys 4x400M Abdisamad Hassan, Michael Clarkson, Andre Best, Alexander Callahan.
Other relay race results are awaited.

Saturday June 11, 2005 - Hershey Regional Meet, Falls Church High School 
Those who qualified from the Hershey Loudoun meet competed on Saturday June 11 against the best of Fairfax County, Facquier County, Alexandria City, Falls Church City, Herndon Town, and Arlington County. Again, only the first two in each event qualified for the State meet at University of Virginia in Charlottesville on June 25, 2005. 

From the track events, twenty-four Special Forces athletes qualified, including five 4x100m relays. In the individual events Ben Walker and Andrew Hayden achieved a one-two in the 11-12 Boys 800m and 400m, while Meghan Sullivan placed first in the 13-14 Girls 100m and 200m. Abdisamad Hassan placed first in the 13-14 Boys 800m and 1600m. Logan Smith and Zach Kerns achieved a one-two in the 9-10 Boys 400m. Nia Hill, John McCray and James McCray also qualified in the standing long-jump.  Special Forces results are available in (Microsoft Word) and (PDF) for track events. Track results for all athletes in PDF are here. Field event results for all athletes are here

Thursday June 9, 2005 - Latest issue of Cool Running News
This Special Forces Newsletter is available in (Microsoft Word) or (PDF).

Sunday June 05, 2005 - USATF Qualifier Meet Langley High School
Congratulations to everyone (including the parents!) who survived the heat on Sunday June 5.  If you finished in the top 6 you are eligible for the next round (The Potomac Valley Championship, or States) on Saturday June 18 in Columbia MD. Results are available in (Microsoft Word) or (PDF).

Sunday May 29, 2005 - PVTC Meet results
Congratulations to Hannah Scheren, Matt Panzica, Andrew Hayden, Adbisamad Hassan, Jay Waffle, Savannah Gaillard, Jovanni Gaillard, Christian Tolbert and Will Smagh for their efforts at today's Potomac Valley Meet at Langley HS on Sunday morning May 29. This fun and short meet (it finishes about 1pm) does not require prior registration and costs $4 for youth under 18. The first running event is the mile at 9.10am followed by 100m. If you want to join Special Forces at these meets for a team warm-up please be there by 8.30am. PVTC is a great opportunity for athletes to participate in events, such as shot put, turbo javelin or long jump, that they might not otherwise try. For more information click here. Results from May 29 are available here.

Sunday May 22, 2005 - Hershey Results are available

Tuesday May 17, 2005 - Special Forces featured in Loudoun Times Mirror
Special Forces' athlete performances at the recent Glenarden and PVTC Langley meets was mentioned in the Loudoun Times-Mirror this week.

Sunday May 15, 2005 - Preliminary PVTC Results
Preliminary results from this meet are available via the PVTC
website. Congratulations to everyone who participated, including four moms and two coaches!

Tuesday May 10, 2005 - Special Forces featured in Loudoun Times Mirror
Special Forces' athlete performances at the recent Chantilly and Randalstown meets was mentioned in the Loudoun Times-Mirror this week. 

Saturday May 7, 2005 - Randalstown Invitational Meet Results
Congratulations to everyone who participated in this meet. More new club records were set! Results are available here: (Microsoft Excel) or (PDF)

Sunday May 1, 2005 - first meet of the season!
Great job everyone at the first meet of the season hosted by with Chantilly Youth Association (CYA) Track Club at Chantilly High School on Sunday May 1, 2005. 

73 Special Forces athletes competed and for many it was their first track meet. Your effort at training in March and April was rewarded by your excellent performances, many of which set new club records. Results are available in (Microsoft Word) and (PDF) formats. The results have been organized by USA Track & Field age grouping, i.e. your child's age at the end of this year. If you see any errors, please let us know at webmaster@sftrack.org.

Saturday April 16, 2005 - Track & Field/Running among premier "women's sports," study reveals
Results of a new survey published 4/16/05 show what we already know! Track and cross country are top sports, both in terms of numbers participating at middle school, high school and college levels, and even pay for professional female athletes. Check out the
article on USATF.org

Thursday April 14, 2005 - New 'Local Track Events and Television Coverage' Page
We've added a new page listing significant track meets within driving distance as well as major track & field championships on television.

Sunday April 10, 2005 - Time Trial Results
Congratulations to everyone who participated in today's time trials. It was great to see so many of you showing effort and determination. Lots of athletes were rewarded with new, or close to, personal records (PRs).(Your best time for the distance).

The 1600 Meter or mile run can be used to measure aerobic capacity. It is one of the five elements in the Presidential Fitness Test administered by all state schools in Loudoun to fourth grade and above. Athletes are awarded the Presidential Standard for exceeding the 85th percentile for their age and the National Standard for exceeding the 50th percentile for their age. Today 24 athletes achieved Presidential Standard for the mile while an additional 21 achieved the National Standard. We have posted the spreadsheet with these standards on the web site in the Forms section if you are interested in comparing your child's time. The coaches encourage everyone to keep working on their 1600 meter/mile times and to be sure to let us know if you improve on today's run.

The results from the Spring time trials are available in Microsoft Excel and PDF formats

On Sunday 4/10 at the start of practice we will have a guest speaker. Ray Pugsley, owner of Potomac River Running Store in Ashburn, will describe what to look for when selecting running shoes for training and racing. 

Please make sure you arrive promptly to start at 4pm, and parents please expect to stay and listen to Ray for twenty minutes followed by time for Ray to answer any questions you have. Some of Ray's career highlights include:

  • US Junior National Cross Country champion in Fall 1988

  • 2 time Olympic Trials qualifier, 1992 steeplechase and 1996 5000m, placing sixth at the 1996 Olympic Trials

  • His best times include:
         Mile: 4:03
         5,000m: 13:42
         10,000m: 29:04

Potomac River Running offer Special Forces members a 10% discount.

March 13, 2005 - National Indoor Championship Freshman Mile
Bobby Vance represented Loudoun Special Forces well on Sunday racing the best in the country in the NIKE National High School Indoor Championship held at Prince George's Sports and Learning Complex in Landover, MD. Bobby competed in the Freshman mile and placed ninth in his race in a time of 5 minutes 0.16 seconds.

March 12, 2005 - St Patrick's 10k Race Washington DC
Dominic Kroupa took part in the St Patrick's 10k road race in Washington DC on Saturday March 12. Dominic, aged 15, ran well to place second in the Under 19 category with a time of 39 minutes and 41 seconds
, representing a 6:24 average pace per mile over the 6 and a quarter mile race. Coach Hayden also competed winning her age group.

March 5, 2005 - Andrew Hayden medals in 14 & Under National Invitational
Andrew Hayden, aged 11, represented Loudoun Special Forces Track Club in the 11-12 Boys 1600m at the 14 & Under National Age-Group Invitational Indoor meet held at Prince George's Sports and Learning Complex in Landover, MD on Saturday March 5, 2005. Running in his customary even-paced style, Andrew found himself toward the back of the pack after the first lap but worked his way through the field to finish third in a new Personal Best of 5 minutes 44.76 seconds. Andrew also achieved third place in the 11-12 boys shot put with a best of 5.43m.

March 2, 2005 - Spotlight on High School Athletes in Top-Level Meets
Loudoun Special Forces Track Club athletes Connor Fleming, Rhonda Runion, Bobby Vance and William Bray are currently involved in high level youth competitions.

Connor Fleming is a freshman at Thomas Jefferson School of Science and Technology (TJSST) in Arlington. Recently, she achieved the following while running for her school team- a 2:23 split for the 4x800M relay, a 62 split in the 4x400M relay and 1:24.8 for the 500 meters - all P.Rs. Connor's TJSST 4x800M relay team will compete in the Virginia High School League AAA Indoor State Finals March 4 at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville. Connor's mom said that her previous training with Special Forces helped Connor to be prepared for the high school regimen.

Rhonda Runion attends Millbrook High School in Winchester as a freshman, and is a member of her school's 4x800M team that finished 9th in the AA Virginia State Finals in Blacksburg on Saturday February 26. Rhonda has competed in three indoor track meets for Special Forces including winning a gold medal in the 800M at the Hagerstown Holiday Meet. When not running this winter, Rhonda could be found playing indoor soccer in a private boys and girls high school leagues. The boys' team won the Championship on Sunday February 27 and the girls' team lost in the final. Rhonda has been selected for both the Millbrook Girls' Varsity Soccer and Track and Field Teams.

Another of Loudoun Special Forces Millbrook athletes is Bobby Vance. Despite only being a freshman Bobby was Millbrook's number one male cross country runner. His steady improvement over the season made Bobby one of the top freshmen runners in the district. Bobby has competed in four indoor track meets for Special Forces this winter including winning silver medals in the Mile and 800M at the Hagerstown Holiday Meet. Based on his fine performances in outdoor track last spring, Bobby has been accepted to run in the Freshman Mile at the Nike Indoor Nationals on Sunday March 13 at PGC Sports and Learning Complex in Landover, MD. This is the premier high school indoor event.

Also competing in the Nike Indoor Nationals is Heritage Junior William Bray. Hershey North American 400M Champion in 2000 William runs in the 200M heats on Saturday March 12. Running for Loudoun Special Forces Track Club, William has shown great form and consistency in the 55M and 200m individual events and 4x200M relay during indoor meets at Landover, Hagerstown and Arlington. This should put him in strong contention at the Championships. 

The Nike Indoor National Meet concludes the indoor track season - a new and successful experience for Loudoun Special Forces Track Club. Spring track and field is just around the next bend!

Sunday February 27, 2005 - Indoor Meet PGC Landover MD
This is the last club meet of the Winter Indoor Program. Map (click on the Yahoo icon)

Meet starts at 9am and follows the order shown below. Field events start at 9am also. Please leave approx one hour travel time from Ashburn and arrive 45 minutes before your event to have time to register and warm up:
55 meter hurdle
55 meter dash (approx 9.15am)
1600 meter run (approx 10am)
400 meter run (approx 11.15am)
4 x 200 meter relay (approx 12.30pm)
800 meter run (approx 1pm)
200 meter run (approx 1.45pm)

Shot Put
Long Jump
High Jump

Thursday February 17, 2005
At training today at NCC, Ray Pugsley, owner of Potomac River Running store and former US Olympic Trial 5000m finalist provided advice on the range of spikes, flats and training shoes designed for different events and running styles.

Monday January 31 - Summary of recent indoor meets
Loudoun Special Forces Track began their first indoor season with a bang. Youth standout middle distance runners, Andrew Hayden and Kurt Stegmeier have run admirably placing in the top three of the mile and 800m, and 800m and 400m respectively at the Hagerstown, Prince Georges and Arlington meets. 

In the teen middle distance division, former state champs Rhonda Runnion and Bobby Vance continue with stellar performances in the 800 meters and the mile. Newcomers Shelby Codde and Steven Lassiter have also performed well. In the sprints, strong performances were turned in by Jeffrey Simmons, Danny Offui, Kenice Brown, Carl Silverlock, Dale Taylor, Jammel Johnson, William Bray, and Karissa and Stephanie Love. Taylor and Silverlock have also performed well in the triple jump and the hurdles respectively. In the masters division, mom and Forces distance coach, Julie Hayden, blazed to a national age-group best in the 800 meters in 2:29. Coach Hayden has also achieved All-American marks for 2005 at 400m, mile and 3000m! 

January 23, 2005
Practice was held today at Ida lee Pool with many athletes experiencing deep water running for the first time. Congratulations on your efforts in trying this new training method!

December 30, 2004 - Success for Forces at  Holiday Meet
Ten athletes from Loudoun Special Forces Track Club attended the indoor meet at Hagerstown Community College  on Thursday December 30. 

Carl Silverlock got the team off to a flying start with a victory in the 15-16 boys 55m Hurdles in 8.9 secs. Kenice Brown followed this with a 2nd place in the 15-16 girls 55m Dash in 7.89. In the equivalent event for boys the Forces recorded the following results 4th Dale Taylor 6.78, 6th Carl Silverlock 6.84, 7th Will Bray 6.87, 8th Jamell Jones 7.76. This quartet finished 4th in the 4x200m relay in 1:46. 

Kurt Stegmeier finished 2nd in both the 300 & 800m for 11-12 boys in 52:26 & 2:43, while Matt Panzica was 3rd & 4th in 55.91 & 3:01. 

Rhonda Runion was the team's second gold medal winner of the day running 2:33 in the 15-16 girls 800m. Andrew Hayden (11-12) & Bobby Vance (15-16) doubled in the middle distance races both finishing 2nd in the 1600m in 5:49 .4 (P.R.) & 5:00.2 and 3rd in the 800m 2:55 & 2:18. Running the same events, Coach Julie Hayden won the Masters division in 5:41.38 & 2:33. 

With a throw of 5.65m Andrew Hayden finished 2nd in the 11-12 Shot Putt.

Times are listed in (MS Excel format) or (HTML).

December 18, 2004 - PGC Indoor Meet 
Loudoun Special Forces attended the indoor meet at PGC, Landover MD on Sunday, December 19. For many, it was their first experience running indoor and everyone enjoyed the fabulous facility. Special Forces athletes ranging in age from 10 to 16 competed in the following events:

55 meter hurdle
55 meter dash
1600 meter run
400 meter run
4 x 200 meter relay
800 meter run
200 meter run

Shot Put
Long Jump
High Jump

Coach Julie (rumored to be over 16 years old!) ran well to place in the women's mile and 800m races.

December 2, 2004 - Winter Program Starts
Special Forces started their Winter Indoor Track Program today December 2nd at the National Conference Center in Lansdowne. Training will be on Thursdays from 6-7pm and Sundays from 3-4 pm and will include training specific to both sprints and middle-distance. 

November 26, 2004 - Special Forces "Parade" at Reston Town Center
Six members of Loudoun Special Forces participated in style at the "Race For The Kids" at Reston Town Center on Friday, November 26 with Olympian Alan Webb. The One Mile races began at 8:30am with temperatures in the low 30's. Age groups were as of race day which worked out perfectly for Matt and Tori Panzica who celebrated their 10th Birthday the following day. Tori Panzica (
Photo) lead the field out in the 8-9 race. She held on to take first place in the girls' division, but was passed by the overall winner brother Matt Panzica (Photo) and one additional boy.

n the 10-11 age group Ryan Johnston (Photo) ran a consistently good race to be amongst the top finishers, while Andrew Hayden starting in his customary steady way, worked his way through the field. It became a two horse race until Andrew finally out kicked his opponent to win (Photo)

The 12-14 boys race was also dominated by two runners. Kurt Stegmeier (Photo) returning to form following sickness ran a strong race to finish second.

The High School race was a more tactical affair. Nick McLaughlin shadowed the leader in a group of three until the last straight when he took to the front with a final surge. The AAU 1500M race at Hampton was almost relived when the third place runner came with a late run, but Nick was strong enough to hold on. Photo

All those placed in the first three received medals and sports bags. They also participated in the Reston Parade, waving to the crowd, while riding in a red Mustang Convertible. Congratulations to all who participated and to the parents who braved the cold!

November 20, 2004 - Loudoun Special Forces Athletes are no turkeys at 'Freeze Your Gizzard' Leesburg Cross-Country Meet
Loudoun Special Forces members Rhonda Runion, Kurt Stegmeier, Michael Clarkson, Mary Donovan, Kate Poisson, Andrew Hayden, Austin Lombardi, Erin Donovan and Stefan Shartouny participated in the cross-country 'Freeze Your Gizzard' meet at Ida Lee Park in Leesburg on Saturday November 20, and gave a very commendable effort. The Special Forces runners included participants in Special Force's Fall Program as well as club members who took a break from their other Fall sports to compete.  The Special Forces runners won six large frozen turkeys across different age groups for their performances.

November 7, 2004 - Bobby Vance and Andrew Hayden win USATF Potomac Valley Cross-Country Championships
Two members of Loudoun Special Forces competed at the USA Track and Field Potomac Valley Association Youth Cross Country Championships in Greenbelt Park, Greenbelt MD on Saturday November 20 and took first places in their events. Andrew Hayden won the Bantam Boys 3k, while Bobby Vance was victorious in the Intermediate Boys 5k.

November 2004 - Coach Julie achieves national rankings
In the recently published USA Masters' Track and Field rankings for 2004, Coach Julie Hayden, lead coach of middle distance programs with Special Forces, is recognized nationally for her performances this year at 800m, Mile and 3000m in the Female 40 and over category. Congratulations Coach! 

For 2004 Spring/Summer News click here

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