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Selected as 2009 Non-Profit of the Year Finalist

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Loudoun Special Forces Track Club is a community-based track club established in 1998 to service the Northern Virginia area. The Forces' mission is two fold:

  • to establish a premier track club for the region through outstanding instruction and talent development, and 
  • provide a rich sports experience for the cross-trainer and new comer seeking alternatives or compliments to the major sports.

Our goal is to ensure all athletes reach their full potential in a fun-filled environment. Loudoun Special Forces is designed to cater to athletes looking for the experience at three levels:

  1. The committed newcomer seeking to learn how to run properly and discover the joys of running.

  2. The committed student-athlete or individual seeking to become a faster performer in any sport.

  3. The committed athlete or individual seeking to become a nationally ranked track and field performer or find the raod map to become a committed student-athlete.

We welcome athletes of all abilities; The evaluations are performed to determine the current areas that require improvement and the string areas for the member in addition to detrmine the level of commitment.

We understand that Goals are nothing but Dreams with Deadlines!

Some of our 2009 Champions & Scholars Below

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