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David McCarthy commits to the Air Force Academy...

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Words from Special Forces Members

For us, Spring was our first track season, with year and years to come.

As you stated on the first tryout day, you slimmed Evan down.  He lost seven needed pounds and slimmed out.   I love your concept of having the kids set their own goals.  For Evan, he set a goal to run a 10K, which he did!   He set out a goal to eat better, which he did (which helped with the weight loss).

 What I liked most about your program was, it wasn't all about the training, it was about teaching the kids to better themselves for their daily lives, with eating, school, home life. 

Special Forces deserves this.  I only have wonderful things to say about what you have done for Evan, and we look forward to running again in the Fall.

Shelly Slerbch



Special Forces has had a major impact on my life as an athlete and as a person. Being around positive people of my peer group and getting to build life long friendships with those people has played a large part in my life. Athletically, Special Forces gave me the training I needed to put my skills in the same bracket as state champions, and helped me to receive attention from college coaches and several scholarship offers. Coach Savage has turned around the lives of many young people who might not otherwise have had the time and attention they needed in their lives.

Brittany Rose


Small Business Owner

VCU Class of 2012


The Special Forces program has caused a tremendous change in my demeanor and confidence on and off the track. The coaches the parents as well as the teammates have taught me a multitude of lessons and I plan to continue running for them but this year I would like to give their gifts back tenfold and show this state and this nation how amazing a program Special Forces is for everyone.

Adrian Vaughn



Class of 2010


Coach Savage and his Special Forces training team has helped my son David immensely in the pursuit of his dreams.  David aspires to be a collegiate baseball player.  He loves the game, and his passion to play the game at the highest levels helps drive him to do his very best in the classroom.  Well, David was born pre-mature, and his lungs had not had the opportunity to fully develop.  His entire life, he has struggled with having 30% to 40% less wind capacity than a child his size and age should possess.  As a young kid, the pain he would endure just trying to breathe whenever he exerted himself was enough to break his spirit. 


In the winter of 2006 we met Coach Savage.  He and his trainers worked with David to help him develop his physical capacity for wind, and helping him improve his speed.  They pushed him to the pain, and then knew how to encourage him to face the pain to get stronger. 

In a matter of months, they had helped him find the confidence that he could push himself beyond limits that he had previously seen as permanent obstacles.  Along the way, they also taught him that if he is willing to work through physical and emotional pain, he can achieve things he never thought possible.


Tom Phillips

Pres. Sales University



Our son joined the Special Forces Track Club in 2003.  During that time, we saw our son challenged and as a result, he experienced many awesome accomplishments—finalist in Jr. Olympics and the HS All State Track team in Virginia.

 He has been part of an organization that cares about him physically, mentally and most importantly spiritually.  He, and us, have developed relationships out of that initial experience that we continue to maintain.  They have become our extended family and we cheer for and support each other’s children, even when we are on opposing teams.

The Special Forces Track Club was the key factor in developing this sense of community throughout Loudoun County.  It brought together families of very different walks of life and allowed you to get to know each other.  The program promotes a family environment and everyone gets the same special attention and support.  The kids learn sportsmanship and how to support one another.  They also learn how to compete with honor, respect and dignity---win or lose.

The Best Family