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The Corvus Circle of Success

Celebrating those individuals that battle adversity (illness, etc. and refuse to fail!)

National Recognition

Congratulations to ASU's NCAA Champion Anthony Robles

Anthony Robles looks just like you, me, and everyone else except he’s cut like the Statue of David and has one leg. At 125 pounds, he possesses the sculpted upper body of someone just as dedicated and 40 pounds heavier, a feature you don’t immediately notice because your transfixed by the column of air beneath his right hip.  Robles, now a national champion wrestler at Arizona State, was born this way ... without a right leg. That he refused prosthetics at age three is the stuff of legend, and in fact might be just that - his parents likely made the decision, but it was Anthony’s to live with. Robles impresses with his ability to walk, and his ability to wrestle, and his ability to climb the steps of the Philadelphia Art Museum, which he did the day after finishing his senior season at ASU 36-0....In sixth grade, he broke his school’s push-ups record. He now benches 305 pounds with his 125-pound frame....He finished a combined 96-0 over his junior and senior campaigns, capturing two state titles and a scholarship to ASU along the way...Given his style, it seems as though this champion always starts from behind. As he did, presumably, in life. Perhaps Anthony Robles’ unfair advantage, then, is not a product of his one leg. Perhaps it is a product of his one heart.

- Excerpts provided by Robbie - Sports Casualties Blogosphere

Regional Recognition

Britt Savage

Currently Britt is a Freshmen attending Stanford University.

Most people don't fully understand the pressures of being the daughter of a career coach who pushes kids to excellence.  The demands and expectations can be daunting.  In addition, for the past 7 years Britt has suffered from a rare malady that afflicts millions around the world, alopecia areata.  Alopecia areata (AA) is a health condition in which hair is lost from some or all areas of the body, usually from the scalp. Because it causes bald spots on the scalp, especially in the first stages, it is sometimes called spot baldness. In 1%–2% of cases, the condition can spread to the entire scalp (Alopecia totalis) or to the entire epidermis (Alopecia universalis). Many are also unaware that Britt's treatment involves 10 - 30 injections directly into her scalp monthly.


She has also had to take courses of Prednisone which causes side effects such as weight gain, the breakdown of muscle tissue, fatigue and mood swings.Despite this disease, which in many cases is triggered by stress and is considered more stressful for females, Britt has perserved and fought to become an outstanding student-athlete as a hurdler & sprinter.

This four-time Flint Hill MVP and school recordholder is currently the ISL champ in the 300 IH, 5th in the HH, and 2nd in the State in 2010 & 2012.  1st in the and 3rd in the MAC. She also led the Huskies to a come-from-behind sectional win in the 4x400 at the Penn Relays. She was a member of the vaunted 33-0 Husky champion volleyball team.   Britt maintained a 4.6 GPA.



Rhonda Runion

Eight years ago this beautiful young lady came to help a friend by running on a relay!  Rhonda's parent discovered at an early age that she suffered from diabetes.   At the time a full time soccer star, Rhonda as with many great young athletes discovered she had the ability to run and run swiftly.   Rhonda, a tenacious competitor, remained with Special Forces that season and the next season and blazed a trail running in the relays, sprints and mastering the 800 meters with 2.25.  After crushing all comers at Hershey Virginia States and all of the invitationals that year, Rhonda was selected to compete in the 800 meter at the Hershey North American Championship in Hershey, Pa..   During the season, Rhonda continued to compete as a cross-trainer in soccer and track  both seasons at a blistering pace while managing her diabetic condition with a healthy diet, rest, water, and sticking to her medication.


Rhonda continued as an outstanding student-athlete at Millbrook High School becoming an awarding winning performing on the field, 4 time most valuable player,leading on the field and in the classroom.  She received multiples offers electing to play at Campbell University. Made collegiate debut in opener vs. Longwood. First career start came at 10th-ranked Duke scoring her first career goal at VMI. Provided eventual game-winning goal in 3-1 home triumph over USC Upstate.  Rhonda went on to play play in 17 matches with five starts as a freshman scoring two goals.  Since then she has transferred to Shippensburg University after sitting out for a season where she is continues to play in 2011.


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As with our clients we expect a high level of performance backed by proven experience....



Mark Melbourne

This fiery young man despite diminuitive stature has been a leader and national competitor in the sprints and jumps for Special Forces for four seasons now! Mark has asthma as millions across the world. As with many, Mark’s asthma is allergy induced, so he needs to control his allergies (which in his case are year round).  Any infection (cold, sinus infection, strep, ear infection, etc.) can lead to reduced lung capacity and impaired breathing Mark takes weekly allergy shots. In addition, he takes asthma control and allergy control meds + nasal spray twice per day. He must travel with his rescue medicine (and a nebulizer if it’s an overnight trip) Last season, Mark had a lingering infection that reduced his lung capacity to 33%.  Needless to say this was a pretty critical stage.  He required emergency and sustained treatment in order to return to a normal capacity for him (between 85 and 95%).  The running has helped strengthen his lungs. Unlike other boys his age, he has to be sure to take his medicine every day, twice a day in order to stay healthy and competitive in the sports he pursues (and to play the saxophone).

Needless to say, Mark has faced the challenges of asthma with a vengeance!  An honor student every quarter, pianist, science fair, community service, reading and language art award winner, this renaissance man epitomizes the Special Forces philosophy that success is a force of belief not nature.

As a student-athlete, Mark has exceled on the track, field and court. He is currently starting as a point guard on his AAU squad.   During the football season he is a hard-hitting standout running back and linebacker for the Manassas Sharks.  On the track, he has blazed to records in the 50 meters, and 400 meters.  During his first season Mark qualified for the Junior Olympics. In his second season a USATF regional finalist and a silver medal finish in the 200 meters at the Hershey North American Championships. To read more about asthma click here



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