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Special Forces Unlimited

                         The SWEAT Program



Keeping Kids on the Fast Track

Success is a Force of Belief not Nature



Welcome to The SWEAT Academy

The Scholastic Workshop for Excellence & Athletic Training

In the Sweat Program our goal is simple! To help you get on the fast track and act as navigators to lead you to success in every way. How?

  1. Faciltate the relationships between you and your school system
  2. Promote the value of post-secondary education (high school and beyond)
  3. Identify academic, economic, and entrpreneurial opportunities for you
  4. Establish partnerships with other organizations that share our mission
  5. Provide mentorship and leadership at every stage
  6. Establish programs that are made for YOU built by YOU!
News of the Day
Get set with school selections at the HS level

Watch Comcast/CNN tonight @ 7pm to see The Force & Coach Savage!

Action Plans will be ready for everyone 2nd week of September.

Get ready to schedule time!